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Project Retail consults with many retailers of all shapes & sizes around the country to grow not only sales but cash & profits.
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Working with Natalie has been the best decision we have made for our Small Business. In just a years time our sales have increased by 34%. Yahoo! We have a calculated monthly plan that helps us make strategic decisions based on inventory and previous sales. Having Natalie’s knowledge and expertise takes the guesswork out of ordering. We no longer purchase items aimlessly or hold on to stock that isn’t profitable. Besides her sage advice and professional guidance – she is incredibly easy to work with and feels more like a close than a hired consultant. We love Natalie and are forever grateful!

Jessica Moler, Co-Owner
Nicole Lobdell Co-Owner
HAND & LAND | Leawood, KS

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Margo literally changed our business overnight. We went from buying on emotion to buying on MATH. Which translates to dollars. I finally feel like there is a roadmap. A gameplan. We are not operating without clear answers and strategies, which is obviously a much smarter, more fiscally responsible way to operate. And, she makes it a lot of fun. Our weekly calls are the highlight of my week.

Winnie Beattie, Owner
Warm NY | New York City, NY

cha boutique st. louis photo
When I opened my store 8 years ago there was no way that I could’ve done it as quickly and efficiently as I did without the help of Margo, Project Retail and Management one. The help that they provide and knowledge that they have about the retail business is far and away above what I could’ve done on my own. The amount of work it takes to try and do on your own would take away vital time from other areas of the business that need my attention. I am beyond thankful for the help and guidance that Margo has provided me and would literally tell every single person I met that its worth every penny!

Sarah Garlich, Owner
Cha Boutique | St. Louis, MO & Columbia, MO

mixology clothing store photo
Margo Kopman is a key member of our team.  Her many years of retail experience and her true love of the fashion industry make her a trusted advisor.  Mixology Clothing Co would not be the same without her.

Jordan Edwards, CEO
Mixology Clothing Company | New York, NY

favorite sisters boutique photo

Natalie Woods with Management One was recommended to us by another a retailer, who had been using the company for about 3-4 years. They swore by the success and direction she was able to give them to help guide their business as they hoped to grow and expand. We knew that advice didn’t come lightly, so my mom and I decided to take a chance and schedule a meeting! And to say it was meeting that helped to ease our concerns and helps us fine-tune a plan so that our business had the trajectory we’d always imagined is an understatement. While we have not been working with the company long, we can definitely feel the impact it has on our business daily. Our customers are thrilled with the variety of merchandise we are able to provide them, and our employees, including ourselves, are more strategic in how we sell to our customers. In the few months we have worked with Natalie and Management One, our sales and cash flow have increased!! By working the system they put in place, we have found it much easier to consistently make the best decisions for our business. Her constant support, advice, and guidance have quickly become instrumental for our business. It has been such a breath of fresh air to have an ally in our industry that at times can feel very solitary. Management One has provided us the opportunity to grow within our industry and enhance our business while still providing everything that makes our store special. We highly recommend both Natalie and Management One.

Alex and Cari Jo Robertson
Favorite Sisters’ Boutique | Shreveport LA

genevieve boutique chicago photo
As someone that has never opened or operated a business before, let alone a retail store, I can honestly say that I would not have been able to do so without the help and expertise of Management One, specifically Natalie Woods. Her counsel and insight on everything from obtaining my small business loan, to open to buy planning, to choosing store fixtures, has been
invaluable. It has been amazing to have some emotional support during this wild adventure as well.

The ROI on my investment in Management One has exceeded my expectations…and my business is not even open yet!

Genny Konz
Genevieve Boutique | Chicago, IL

why not boutique tampa photo
I approached Management One in 2012, about 4 years after I started my Women’s boutique when I realized I needed to find someone to help me or close my shop. Management One put me in contact with Natalie Woods, and since then, it’s been a match made in heaven. Natalie is like that best friend that everyone wants, but very few have. She’s available whenever you need help, she always has your best interests at heart but isn’t afraid to tell you exactly like it is. As a result, in May I was able to open a second location, which Natalie and Management One helped me stock from day one. She has revolutionized and streamlined my business and I will always be incredibly grateful that Management One put her in my life. I would highly recommend Management One and Natalie to anyone who wants a successful business but is overwhelmed and unsure about how to set up and execute a successful open to buy system.

Jennifer L. Dutkowsky, Owner
Why Not Boutique & Why Tots Boutique | Tampa, FL

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