For my little blog today, I wanted to share a couple articles from one of my favorite magazines, Entrepreneur!!      I love this magazine because in every issue I learn something new and even if it doesn’t apply to my business or my clients ….  It is knowledge about how the world of business functions.

This first article is about personal guarantees and it’s not just for you startups out there – any business who might ever need to go to a bank for money can use this information.   As the writer states – folks will have varying degrees of success when trying to negotiate these terms but it never hurts to try.

I really love this second article because I think a lot of you out there and me at one point back in the day look at our competition as people or stores we need to be better than and we look at them as reasons or excuses for our problems.     As a business owner, if you focus on what makes you different and unique and your strengths – that is what is important.     All that negative energy generated from trying to blame others can have a self fulfilling prophecy sort of outcome.    Competition can be good and you can work together on similar goals if you all realize your business is special in ways your competitors aren’t and vice versa.

And this last one is just more for fun… a look at how colors in your store can influence people to buy or can influence how they feel in your space.     Something for you store owners to think about if you are in the market for a re-model.

Hope you enjoyed the reading and as Margo would say ….   Happy Retailing !!!!