Fashion is everywhere. It is in clothes, in buildings, in furniture, in appliances, in images,  and throughout stores. Fashion manages to encompass all five senses – it is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, attractive to the touch,  we like to hear about what people are wearing & how they are decorating {entire magazines are devoted to both of these}, our tastes vary therefore there are many different looks, styles, fabrics & designs and our smell guides us to various places, foods, venues and methods of working.

The taste one might be a bit of a stretch, but you can see where I am going. Fashion manages to incorporate much of our everydays – fashion is a feast for our senses. We see fashion  in a new collection, a performance, a contemporary sky scraper, wide leg denim paired with a sharp fitting blazer and a floral arrangement. We find fashion in live music, new furniture, a collection of tea cups, fine china, freshly designed dresses, seductive perfumes, bold patterns, dynamic speakers, long gowns and motivated friends.

I’m Dana and love being part of The Project : Retail team. Today I make you, dear readers, the promise to incorporate your five senses in my musings, client stories & in the fashion I see everyday. My music tastes are simplistic and sometimes slow, and my palette wishes it was closer to foie gras foodie than good old fashioned grilled cheese, but my love of storytelling, social media, photography, laughter and shopping is that of an early adapter. Slowly but surely, you all will learn about my loving family from across the great pond, my cooking mishaps {try as I might, I am no Martha Stewart}, you will hear more about how I go on better stories than dates, my {mis}adventures in travel and about my love/hate relationship with Alexander Graham Bell’s significant invention “the telelphone”, the random photos I take on any given day and the life changing perks of working with all of us here at The Project : Retail.

It will be a fun ride and I thank you in advance for climbing on the rollercoaster! You can leave a comment or email me anytime and in case you surf the interweb… I have a twitter, tumblr, and pintrest  {don’t judge me, I share The Project:Retail details & personal ones in several vehicles!}

Looking forward to the ride,