Are you getting the most out of your Facebook business page???    My gal Dana inspired this blog with her Monday marketing blogs and hopefully I’m not pre-empting her  J   If so, Dana you can repost this later J

I still see a ton of retailers out there who have Facebook pages but aren’t using them to get the most out of this amazing free resource.   FREE –did you hear me FREE!!    There are very few things in life that are free these days and this one can for sure impact your business in a positive way.    You just have to take a tiny amount of time out of your day – and you can get Facebook working for you to sell goods, grow your customer base, and keep those customers engaged and excited about your store.

  1.  Post multiple times every day – the lifespan of your posts is getting shorter so whereas you could post once or twice a day a couple years ago – those posts disappear faster so you need to post more often.
  2. Give the posts variety – don’t always post the same thing over and over again.   Talk about new arrivals, events, items of the day, specials, post pictures, post links to vendor information, personal stories etc.    The more variety the more excited your fans will be to share your info or engage you in chatter about your store.
  3. Don’t post at the same time everyday – I know this gets hard as your day gets consumed with other things but try to keep it different every day to catch new people

And that is really how simple it is …  If you do these things (and invite all your friends to like your page which you should have already done), you will see more “likes” and more engagement from your customers which usually translates into sales of some kind.     And if you are just starting out … don’t get frustrated – if you employ these strategies consistently – you will see the same thing happen.  It’s a little slower in the beginning but once it starts to build it goes much faster.

Happy Facebooking ……