Everyone is busy. Each and every one of us. Some work full time. Some parent full time.  Some work and parent full time. But we cannot change that each of us only has 24 hours in our day. And trying to fit all the have to’s and the want to’s into those 24 hours is hard. For everyone.

As I have embarked on this journey with The Project:Retail, I have hit wall after wall after wall. To admit that I have been frustrated, is a mild statement. There have been lessons. Almost comically along the way, I continually hear how very busy everyone is. Busy. Busy with work. It’s not a good time because I’m busy. Busy juggling life, jobs, social, have to’s, want to’s and all the musts in between. Too busy to talk. Too busy for coffee. Too busy to hear how I {and The Project Retail} can make retail life that much better.

When it comes down to it, busy is a bad excuse. Busy means we don’t want to make the time. The time to be open to the growth. Make the time to be open to the change. Make time to make ourselves open our eyes to shifting time in our busy schedule to make room for something that would make a difference.

Each of us {ideally} wants the very best for ourselves. From work/life balance, to monetarily, to socially, to love and family. We strive, I strive, to push myself. To do something that scares me. And yet, I am so easily discouraged when I hear that someone is busy.

No one has time. We all have to make time. Make time because that small amount of time can make a great difference. 

We all have to be open to the possibilities in various realms of our lives. Single people have to make time to go out. Go out and be open to the possibilities of different personalities, different dates, different activities, different ways of meeting people. Retailers have to make time to deal with their customers, to work with their vendors, to market their products and have a life on the side. Married people have to make time for their children, obviously, but they also have to make time for each other.

A couple weeks ago Margo talked about how when you do what you have always done, you get what you have always gotten. Such a simple concept. No brainer, really. And yet the magnitude of something so simple is HUGE!

Sometimes we land in a rut all because we don’t make the time to change it up. Change where you go. Change how you look at things.  But we have to consciously make the time and not be busy to change. Challenge ourselves to the change. Challenge ourselves to make the time.

For a retailer, working with The Project Retail is life changing. For real. The excitement and appreciation and reaction that retailers admit once they have gone down the road and made time is why I am doing this. To see someone make the time and tweek and go from being good to being really great. It’s awesome. We have a powerful process in the palm of our hands.

Growing pains are hard. They are frustrating. They are teachable moments. And whether you need to make time to talk to someone, or to change your daily routine, or challenge yourself to try something new, or figure out a way not to be busy – the growing pains are worth it in the end. They make us stronger, better people. They create a more flexible work environment. Growing pains mold who we are and how we get there.

And unless some of you can figure out how to add more hours to my day, my days are staying 24 hours. I am simply changing how I fill them. Challenge yourself to make the time to make your business better. You can’t be that busy…