I have a dear friend who always says – ‘There is ALWAYS a reason for champagne!” How can you not agree with that statement!? There is something to celebrate everyday – happy, sad, traditional, local, sporting events — Same goes for in your store! Grab your calendars and let’s get started!

  1. go through and write down all the national holidays
  2. what are the local events in your area? sidewalk sales, rodeos, music festivals, etc
  3. write down all known vendor launches
  4. what trade shows & markets are you attending
  5. what dates do you plan on taking your major markdowns
  6. do you have trunk shows scheduled – write em down

Once you have all those basic holidays and events down, you can start putting together the events you want to highlight in your store. Your marketing calendar provides a vehicle that you can communicate regularly with your fans and clients. Typically plan on at least two events a month – it is your job to stay in your client’s mind! Think about who your ideal clients are and what they would want to do! Are you from a big basketball town? Then March Madness is key! Do you love Neil Diamond? Celebrate his birthday! Is it time for major markdowns – Margaritas & Markdowns. Or Sangria Saturdays one month.

A wealth of knowledge when it comes to random & bizarre unheard of holidays is brownielocks – Most people think of May 1st as MayDay, but did you know that May 1st is also Mother Goose Day {how great if you are a children’s toy or clothing store}, Global Love Day {because all you need is love…} and Batman Day {you can give away Batman http://www.suntekstore.com/goods.php?id=12000489&utm_source=gbus masks}. Today, May 14th is National Chicken Dance Day, National Women’s Check Up Day, Underground America Day and Stars & Stripes Forever Day!

Setting up your calendar in advance helps organize the emails that you will send out each week or in your monthly newsletter – highlight the upcoming events in your store. Create a buzz! Know what your clients like and what they want more of when they come to shop. By no means, do you have to give away something every time, but generate the interest to get them in the door.  Slow week in the early fall, send out an email about sweaters or jeans and let them know what you have in store and prominently display those goods. The first step is in a calendar.

So get started on your calendars – Up next week in Marketing Mondays is budgeting your events and teaming up with neighborhood partners!