There was sparkle and trains and chandeliers and cuffs and shimmer and bold red lips and black and white and color and nip-slips and obvious “Old Hollywood Glamour” {it would have made an excellent drinking game – had I known how many times Tim Gunn was going to say ‘old hollywood glamour’ during the pre-show!} Every bit of the fashion last night was fabulous. Even the misses…


White & Bright & Fabulous! Octavia Spencer {who won for The Help} was a custom Tadashi – kudos! It was the perfect styling, rouched at the right places, accentuating her positive. I loved her hair, I loved her sparkle, I loved her happiness.  And I think her husband/gentleman caller is precious – an excellent accessory!  Gwyneth {presenting} wearing Tom Ford. For the red carpet, she wore a cape that was stunning. She brought shoulder pads back. {that is a stretch, but it is the first time since 1990 that I didn’t cringe at shoulder pads} I loved the asymmetrical neckline.  I loved the sleeves. I loved how chic and white and that she just wore a diamond cuff. I loved it more than I loved her Calvin Klein ditty last year! Milla. {I don’t even really know why you were there, but for your first Oscars – Phenomenal.} Ellie Saab did you right. I am not sure how you could sit and not rub all that beading off your bum, but the movement and the design and the shoulder – just tremendous.

Happy Color!

Lovely in LV

Fantastic Color! Emma Stone is so goofy and fun and looked perfectly playful and Oscar-appropriate in Giambattista Valli. Tina Fey was exceptional in navy with a tinge of black. Carolina Herrera. I am not sure about the ‘peplum’ but even Tina mentioned that it was growing on her…  Glenn Close every bit feminine despite being nominated for playing a man, in a luscious hunter green strapless gown and jacket from Zac Posen. The fabric looks awesome, I wish I could touch it. Viola Davis was breathtaking in kelly green Vera Wang. And Michelle Williams {whose date was BFF & daughter Matilda Ledger’s Godmother, Busy Phillips of Freaks&Geeks, Dawson’s Creek & now CougarTown} was stunning in Louis Vuitton. Her perfect pixie hair {something my mane will never be able to pull off, sadly}, the broach at her waist was subtley flawless and the coral/red color was a lovely compliment to her milky pale complexion. Well played, Michelle.

Colin Firth. Oh Colin Firth. You had me at hello, a long time ago. I love that you made a joke to Meryl about your Mamma Mia days. I loved you as Mr Darcy in Pride & Prejudice, I loved you more as Mark Darcy in Bridget Jones, you melted my heart as Jamie Bennett in Love Actually, and truthfully, I could listen to you stutter for hours on end like you did so beautifully in The King’s Speech! I do not lie when I say you could & would seduce me just by reading me the phone book.

I have a soft spot for Sandra Bullock. I {not so secretly} want her to fall madly in love and live happily ever after with Ryan Reynolds. Which has nothing to do with anything from last night, just an aside FYI.  While the awards were going on, throughout twitter there were very mixed emotions on Sandra Bullock’s Marchesa frock. Many think it was ill-fitting and matronly. I thought it was magnificent. It was different. It was simple and sparkly. The back draped effortlessly and I thought she rocked it!

I loved that Capt Von Trapp {Christopher Plummer} wore a velvet tux jacket to become the oldest to win an Oscar at 82. I think Christian Bale rocked the monochromatic shirt/jacket/tie look. Brad Pitt‘s hair didn’t scare me as much as one would think, it worked for him. Will Ferrell & Zack Galifianakis were hysterical in their 2 man marching band. And I would follow Bradley Cooper anywhere. Even with that weird Ron Jeremy-esque moustache! I just uploaded the picture and realized they all have facial hair, humph.


In what I wouldn’t call total misses, but I was not pleased in the least bit with Melissa McCarthy. Melissa is a large woman, I have no problem with that — she embraces her curves and softparts in an enviable way, but her dress was terrible. It was too much fabric and way too much going on… The draping, the color. I think she is undeniably hysterical. But I think her dress was a fail. Angie’s Right Leg {which now has it’s own twitter page} – I am sure that Ang just exaggerated her stance to show just how high the slit went, but when she was on stage to present, she kicked it out again. It reminded me of a snotty high school girl who poked her leg out to have a ‘stance’ Just pointless. I did love the dress, though. And I think that she needs to eat a cheeseburger or four.

Things no cares that I hated… JLo’s dress. I get it, she has a rockin, bootyliscious bod. Her stomach is as flat as her bum is round – it’s impressive. She’s pretty and I love learned to love her more since her stint on AmericanIdol. That being said, I hated the sleeves of the dress, hated the netting and the movement, hated her hair ~ hated it! Hated JLo’s hair almost as much as I despised Penelope Cruz’s hair. It did her no justice. Sad.

Would love to hear your thoughts… xo, dk