During my stint with a ginormous corporation in the 90’s, I was required to attend a class on time management, using a very popular time management – calendar planning system.  I already was, and still am, a Filofax-wielding-nerd, so many of the ideas of using a calendar to help you organize your time was already second nature to me.  But one main component that was taught was to take 5-10 minutes, either at the end of your day, or at the beginning, to plan and list all those tasks that need to get accomplished.  The system takes it one step further and asks you to assign priority levels to each task.  So as you maneuver through your day, you are certain to check off the “A’s” first, then the “B’s”, etc. I still use this one concept to a degree.  I usually have a daily list of some sort, and try not to let it become my WEEKLY list.
Lately the biggest reason I find to have my lists is to keep OTHER people from crashing into me and making me veer off my course during the day.  Of course you need to leave some wiggle room in your plans so that you can adjust a bit throughout your day, but if you have a few “Must-Do’s” on your list, then they will be a reminder to get yourself back on track to finish those things.  As a business owner you are at the mercy of many other people to keep your business moving forward.  You have loyal employees that need your time at any moment during your busy day.  You have to address concerns or share praise, but then you have to get yourself back to YOUR list of what YOU wanted to get off of your plate.  Or maybe it’s a great customer that hasn’t been in recently, who finds herself out and about, and wants to catch up with you.  Of course you give her the attention she deserves, but then when you’re finished you can go back and look at your list, and remind yourself of what YOU wanted to accomplish today.
What would be on your list that when completed, would give you that feeling of being “on top of it?”  You deserve to feel that way. Think of it as a small way of taking the time to put yourself first in your day.  And maybe you might have a night or two during your week that you’re not asking yourself “Where did the time go?!?!”   You’ll have those few things crossed off of your list, so put your feet up for a bit, until it’s time to start over again, and plan your next day.