Sixty-three degrees on January 31st in St. Louis.  So it’s official (sort of), Spring is here! For now anyway.  And I will take it when I can get it here in the middle of the country, where it is usually gray and about forty degrees colder right about now. I am not even going to wait until Punxsutawney Phil graces us with his presence. I have declared it, and therefore will start moving in that direction, wardrobe-wise.  I found the perfectTangerine Tango color cardigan today and will push my gray sweaters to the back of my closet to make room for this one and my other happy spring-colored tops!  It may sound silly to those of you on the west coast, or in the south, where you are not immersed in short gray cold days for weeks at a time.  But for me, it is a state of mind that the blah days of winter will pass soon and make way for the green grass and bright flowers of the Spring. I’m not crazy – I won’t be trading long sleeve T’s for tank tops or boots for flip flops. And unfortunately there will surely be more days ahead for UGG’s and wool scarves. But at least there is a glimmer of brighter days ahead and if I can help usher them in, albeit a little early, then I will!