Have you ever spotted a trend in a magazine or on Pinterest and couldn’t wait to try it out on yourself? Because it spoke to you and said “this _____ will look ah-mazing on you!!!” Only to have it be an absolute failure?  Well me too.  Just the other day.   With teal nail polish. Yes this fabulous color is sooooo pretty and FUN and Springy!! –just not on me. I was so hyped to try it that I ran out and bought the bottle so I could paint my nails myself right then. I was a bit obsessed.

So I sat and carefully applied the FUN color with a little smile on my face. And when I was finished I held up my hands for a look and from across the room my husband said  “That’s SOME color,” sounding just like Charlotte on her web. I was pleased, but had a little niggling in the back of my brain because my husband NEVER notices my nails, ever. No matter what color they are or aren’t. So this was either good, or not so much.

By the middle of the next day, the FUN color was getting on my nerves, and making me feel not-so-ah-mazing.  Every time I glimpsed my hand, my skin looked paler, with a grayish blue undertone of rigor mortis.  On me, those nails did not say “I’M READY FOR SPRING!” or “I’M FUN AND HIP AND TRYING SOMETHING NEW!”   nope.  Instead they said “wa wa waaaaaa…………..” . Over and over and over again.   I kept that color on for 2 days, trying to love them, but finally took it off.

So my quest for a FUN new trendy color is on…again.  And I will keep trying new colors, after all, I’ve got a big new bottle of polish remover handy.  And I still have my trusty neutral favorites to fall back on.