When we embarked on this journey (stealing a little bit from the Bachelor – again – don’t judge my really bad taste in television) – I thought this blog writing stuff was going to be pretty easy.   I have a lot to say (usually more than people want to hear) so how hard can it be??

Well … pretty hard … especially when you live in Florida and the sun is out and it’s spring and yard and pool stuff needs to be done (yes I’m rubbing it in to my friends up north)… but that is a lot like life for everyone.    Sometimes there are things that need to be done and they aren’t exactly on the top of the need/want to do list 🙂

Getting inspired can come from lots of different areas – my last blog was super easy to write as I was witnessing lots of resistance to change from my friends and colleagues – but sometimes you have to work a little harder at it.     I find with retailers one area that is a little harder to get inspired to really dive into is marketing.   It seems like it would be a no-brainer that you have to market your business but the daily grind of bills and payroll and dealing with employees and vendors takes up so much time that it leaves little energy for what can be fun and is really important.      We get some resistance (excuses) to some of the basics we present to clients, even though these things are easy and cheap to do and can make a real difference…..  and I think it goes back to what all of us have been blogging about (change, doing something different,  fear) – sometimes you just have to make time and do it !!

This isn’t going to be a marketing blog but in case you are wondering … just a couple of the things you can do on a daily basis at your retail establishment that can make a real difference (and yes I was a retailer who fought some of these things so I know of what I speak) are:

  • Make 5 customer contacts a day (phone call, email, letter, carrier pigeon) to reach out and let them know what is new and exciting at your store.  NO EXCEPTIONS –at least 5 per day!!!!!
  • Social Media – cannot be ignored … not to be confused with the Field of Dreams… if you build it they will not come immediately but with consistant and meaningful posting/updating … they will and it will make a difference.
  • Email – one of the marketing god’s greatest gifts to a retailer.   Make them meaningful and informative and you will see results … don’t just send to send 🙂

And just like that – I got inspired and wrote my blog!!!    Hopefully next week’s will come with a little less work but if it doesn’t – that is just how the cookie crumbles and it’s ok … I’m not afraid of digging for a little inspiration.